FiDMY : Cultural moodrating

This project was produced in solo as my Bachelor project during my third year of Interaction design Bachelor at l'École de design Nantes Atlantique. Its conception last only a few weeks, but the reflection behind it was conducted between november and may 2015 as a personal practice of my designer job.


FiDMY (for “feed me”) is an android application to provide your brain with appropriate cultural fuel. It works as a nomadic advice app which is based on a spontaneous moodrate system. Cultural products and the feelings related are used as an experimental treatment to affect and correct the user’s mood. The approach to moods and cultural works is designed to be very simple, fun and colourful, as well as quick and efficient. Therefore, it is not based on medical or scientific research but only inspired by.

A part of the user flow and wireframes.


The “FiDMY Suggest” is the core feature of the app. It consists in entering a mood the user wants to reach and at least one cultural work category. The easy step by step process allows to combine moods and to dose them with a simple interface. The final goal is to create an original mood profile by using mood mixes and cross-categories in order to provide accurately curated content.


The cultural works pages includes many general informations that may be useful for the user, but the real interest remains the moodrating section. It is based on a synthesis of users ratings and gives a good preview of the moods related to the specific work. The bold bottom buttons give the user a quick and efficient way to reach the work through related services synchronized with the app (such as VOD providers, music streaming services, etc.), or to stock it for later use.


The FiDMY app is also a great way to produce a waiting list for your cultural consumption, and to keep a record of it. The Stock section gives a clear overview of the works you have stocked for later use, including category filters, while the History section plays the role of memory.


Finally, what would be a cultural app without a nice way to share the works that made your day ? You can recommend it simply to your dearest friends, see their activities, and exchange directly on your favorite works.

FiDMY is definitly your cultural advisor !