Flow: Professional expenses manager

This school project is the result of a partnership with Crédit Mutuel Arkéa, a french banking company. I worked on it with Romain Warion during less than 3 month. The brief was to propose a service concept to diversify the activities of the company in the B2B (business to business) field. It has been quite clear from the beginning that the solution should involve a connected device.

After carefully researching and studying the many fields in which the company was working, we chose to focus on the conception of a professional expenses manager. Named "Flow", the concept was to offer a tool for the benefit of mediumly sized companies, allowing them to manage agents during their profesionnal travels. By using a custom connected credit card, synchronised with an app (mobile for the agent or web for the manager), the service allows to quickly register every expense, making the life on both side much easier.

The main dashboard and some screens of the partner search.

The main dashboard includes all the informations needed by the agent like the remaining credits allowed by the company, the previous expenses, and a way to easily add a new expense. One of the interest of the concept is to propose discounts by working with local partners. Agents can search for Flow partners in the area through a simple interface for any of their profesionnal needs: transport, food, grocery stores or housing.

Some screens related to the manual registering of an expense.

The other main feature is the automatic registering of every expense in the app when the credit card is used. By adding a proof when needed, for example when the card can't be used and the payment must be cash, the agent avoid any problem that might happen to be refunded by the company.