Iceberg Arena

Iceberg Arena is a small student project I worked on with Romain Warion for a 3D modeling class in early 2015. We developed our 3D and texturing skills and then worked on a bit of game design. The following environment and characters were supposed to be integrated in Unity to experiment with game mechanics. Therefore we had to produce the assets by following the classic methodology used in the video games industry: sketches and concept arts, modeling, texuring, rigging.

Some character design sketches and explorations for the character of Olaf.
The wired modeling of Olaf and the unwraped uvw texture.

The two characters are champions of their people, trained to fight in the Iceberg Arena for the honor of their kind. Olaf is the champion of the Walrus people, Siegfried the one of Penguins people.

Siegfried's modeling and its unwraped uvw texture.

The arena is carved in the core of an iceberg, floating in a quiet and peaceful ocean under northern lights. You might think of it as a bucolic place to spend your next holidays, but this surrounding is where some of the most dreadful fights take place.

Some environment props.