Melowly: musical awakening

This project is the result of a single week workshop on IoT and connected objects I attended to with Marion Laillé and Paul Le Texier in third year of our Bachelor degree. The main goal was to produce a meaningful object as we decided to work on musical awakening of young child (3 to 7). I was in charge of all the Ui/Ux design and the identity of the project.

The Melowly logotype.

Melowly is a totem toy connected with a game app for the musical awakening of kids between the age of 3 and 7. The totem is made of four cubical animal modules. Three of this modules have buttons of the external faces for a total of 12 buttons, each for every musical note. The head module, the owl, is equipped with a speaker for the music.

The totem toy with the rotating animal modules.

The whole totem is synchronised with a smartphone or tablet app for parents and kids to choose activities, share music sheets or monitor the progression. The kid has to reproduce a musical pattern given by the application, by pressing the right buttons on the animal modules. Game mechanics are inspired by the famous Simon game. Animals and colors are meant to guide the kid though the process while being friendly and engaging.

The interface displayed during the game with the notes sequence (left) and the composition interface (right).

The app allows the parents to follow their kid's progress through a playful and engaging ranking system. They can compose tracks with their child by using a simple interface and a dynamic timeline. In the collection, they can store all the tracks they composed or dowloaded from the workshop where the community share tracks. The tracks are sorted by number of notes and difficulty. A challenge mode brings to the parents the opportunity to improvise a track in live while the kid tries to imitate it.

The main dashboard with the ranking system, the game menu and the collection.