Tøtem Game App

This project was produced during a two days game jam at Le Stereolux in Nantes in February 2015. The event, called “Game and the City” was about distorting primary use of street furnitures through gamification. I worked with Paul Le Texier and Simon Lebastard as designers in my team. This opportunity was a great way to practice our skills and team communication within a 72 hours challenge.


We chose to work on a street trash can, and went into it as an abstract object rather than through its normal use. The trash can becomes a totem, a beacon watching the disctrict around it. People shall release the totems of the corruption and clean the city, district by district.

The dashboards and some of the screens of the liberation process.

To realease them, you have to reproduce a sequence of notes given by the totem by using four pressure plates placed near it. The mechanics are inspired by dance games with carpets and the simon game. The game works then through a mobile application and a gradual evolution.

The setup with the pressure plates connected with Arduino and the trash can.


I was in charge of all the interfaces as well as the identity of the app. I tried to bring a fun and entertaining atmosphere while keeping all the elements very simple. The style guidelines were then applied to the interfaces and for the production of illustrations (tutorial, liberation process, etc).

A simple mix of a totem figure with a trash can silhouette.
The icons for the ranking system : iron, copper, silvern, gold and diamond totem.
The final Logotype.