Gamified hacking of urban trashcans

Gamified hacking of urban trashcans

Gamified hacking of urban trashcans

This is the result of a two days hackaton at Le Stereolux in Nantes. The event, called “Game and the City” was about distorting primary use of street furnitures through gamification in a 72 hours challenge.

— Partners

Hackaton team, inlcuding Simon Lebastard (Sound design) and Paul Le Texier (Sound design, Illustration)

— Roles

UX and UI design, Visual identity

— Time frame

2.5 days (2015)



For this event we had the choice to hack several urban furniture pieces yet quite early on we chose to work on a street trash can. Our approach was that of an abstract object rather than through its conventional, trash related, use.

What if the trash can becomes a totem, a beacon watching the disctrict around it. People shall release the totems of the 'corruption' and clean the city, district by district.


To realease those totems, players have to reproduce a series of notes by using four pressure plates placed near it. The mechanics are inspired by dance games with carpets and the simon game. The game works then through a mobile application and a gradual evolution.



I was in charge of all the interfaces, the user experience, as well as the visual feel and identity of the app. I tried to bring in a fun and entertaining atmosphere while keeping all the elements very simple.

The style guidelines were then applied to the interfaces and illustrations (tutorials, dashboard, liberation process, etc).


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Lucas Pion © 2019

Lucas Pion © 2019

Lucas Pion © 2019

Lucas Pion © 2019